Manu and Rika

1975 - MSI Laid the Foundation

In the year 1975 MSI began its journey. This journey adorned with fruitful effort and hard work paved the way forward. Our humble beginning is a testament to the enormous journey we have undertaken, that has lead us to become the largest dealer of premium surfaces in the United States of America. As MSI grew, our volumes increased; there was a need to establish a service center that would ensure a smooth transition from purchase to delivery. India, was the most suitable hub, it allowed us to seamlessly bridge geographical borders as well as establish an effective communication system between our vendors and customers.

2006 - MSI Services was established in Bangalore India

This business unit was established to manage end-to-end operations for the all the MSI business centers located across the United States and Canada.


2007 - We expanded our facility

Our lucrative business model permitted our service center to expand by 5O%. We expanded our facility at Bangalore. Additionally, in the year 2007, MSI services established a real time support team to deliver assistance to one of our large customer – The Home depot

2008 - Laid the Foundation for upward Scaling

MSI Services, began to establish a promising rhythm. Our core team based out of the USA, visited India and laid the foundation for us to build our large scale enterprise. This year, authenticated our dedication to delivery. We transitioned a Primary Accounting Process from our head-office in Orange, California.


2009 - Dawn of the IT & Business Analyst Team

MSI became a house hold name. It Operations started this year with software applications being developed for the internal application “TeamMSI”. Our sales and revenue generation warranted the creation of a dedicated team to understand and eloquently represent the big data we were amassing. An analyst team was established in MSI Services to carry out this task. They paved the way for lucrative forecasting system as well as contingency planning apparatus.

2010 - Expansion and Restructure

In the year 2010 MSI Services dealt with a plethora of data and tasks. The current system didn't do justice nor did it effectively use the time and resources at hand. Our management identified the opportunity to create a stream lined hierarchy. They outlined tasks and responsibilities towards steadfast goals. This ensured all stakeholders were aligned to a common Vision and Mission. Additionally, an enrichment process began, it offered Trainings and interaction programs for our employees.


2011 - Establishment of a Management Hierarchy

As we grew, our manpower increased. Our company began to encounter different opportunities, this lead to the establishment of a system that emphasized the Team leader or Lead roles. Here, the move permitted a steadfast approach to problem solving and goal attainment.

2012 - Community Out-Reach Program Implemented –“Humanity for a Cause”

In the year 2012, we expanded our staff to 5O+ members. Additionally we added facilities and resources to assist our Clients in the United States. As we grew, so did our assets, we felt obliged to aid and assist the community. "Humanity for a Cause" a charity program was established to help feed the bodies and minds of the less fortunate around us.


2013 - Task Force Expansion

This year not only lead to an increase in productivity we expanded our employee strength by double. We now had 100+ members working at our facility at MSI Services, Bangalore.

2014 – Blooming of BPO Services

2014, saw the blooming of our services as we started providing real time support for various teams.


2015 – Year of Learning

The focus was learning the business aspect for all teams. CSR service was launched, the Sales Support teams and the CSR teams were able to learn and improve in the quality of the service. All of sales support work was being done from BPO.

2016 – Expanded Real Time Support

Scaled operations by expanding to another floor with additional capacity, with expansion BPO office can accommodate 350 employees in shifts and expanded our leadership team with new lead hires. BPO product planner – We started with Real time support on planner responsibilities for various product lines. HR support – Started providing support on US Job postings and real time support for corporate HR team


2017 - Basement to Billion

This is the year when we reached from, “Basement to Billion”. BPO’s contribution in this journey continued as we grew and extended our services. Strengthened Training in BPO team with dedicated training team. Introduced Strix and order help desk support. With our focus on Employee retention and satisfaction MSI participated in Great Place to Work survey.

2018 – Brand Refresh

We added three new distribution centers and refreshed our brand by creating a set of guiding statements—our Purpose, Vision, and Mission. First BPO off-site Strategic Leadership Meet was organized. With our focus on continuous improvement, majority of our analytical reports were transitioned to a new tool, “Sisense” was introduced and MSI started exploring into Artificial Intelligence (AI) with their Sales Support Team.


2019 – Adaptabality

With the uncertain times the focus remained on productivity gains. There was a significant gain in productivity. The year also showed how adaptable MSI was, as we shifted majority of our purchasing out of China to various other countries with India being a big beneficiary. This was also a year where we scaled our customer support service and covered customer calls for all the branch’s and started MSI Chat Service

2020 – Expansion to an additional facility

2020, marks as another milestone year, with an expansion to an additional facility. We continue to grow in all areas and add value.