Information Technology & Internal Systems

The IT team at MSI services employs the most advanced technology available, to unify the system and to provide supply chain visibility. The system helps enable multi-user capability in a network with over 150 terminals, and take care of order-processing and fulfilment seamlessly in real time. It accurately delivers information related to distribution management, order processing, status, and delivery scheduling.

With a precise, state-of-the-art order management system, the company liaisons between vendors and customers with information related to stock on hand, customer order updates, and expected arrival dates. MSI’s proprietary vendor portal provides a single point of contact for all purchase orders, and easy access to ETA information. MSI Services also offers an EDI interface for convenient billing/purchasing wherever required.

MSI Services provides salespeople with accurate, real time information on inventory, availability, and pricing.

The IT systems at MSI assists in the following:

  • Managing detailed distribution management that allows for transparent inventory sharing across all branches
  • Equipping slabs with Radio Frequency Identification “RFID” system
  • Current and back orders can easily be checked using the proprietary tracking system
  • The IT department also created the stock-check system that allows you to track expected arrival dates
  • Giving website access for direct container shipment
  • Keeping the Sales, Product, and Service teams within reach round the clock